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 A Little Diversity


Easy Listening Music 

Acoustic Guitar, Piano &, no, no. Please don't try to make lyrics out of that. That's silly. Besides, lyrics have been the beginning of the end for so many wonderful instrumentals. We can't have that around here.


Lyrics. They take you to one place you're never going to visit, among strangers you never going to meet and want you to do things you would never do in front of Mom.(well, knowing you maybe you would)  


On the other Hand

Instrumentals. They take you to places you've gone and places you'll go. They show faces and voices you've loved and still love. And you both will end up back home laughing with Mom about the things you got away with.  

Which came First

Or does it matter?

Ever notice how an instrumental can just seemingly pop up at you out of nowhere and instantly and so emotionally become attached to one of your most secret dreams and fondest memories? How vivid they return, with the music gently tugging at your heart strings triggering that almost tearful Mona Lisa smile. Seems so uncanny. A little spooky. How is it I knew how to write that particular piece of music, to induce a spontaneous communication and emotion of a memory so deep, so personal and private... and so well guarded for so long?


That's my secret. 




Come see us again sometime.

© 2021 Poor Blue Lucy Music / Lloyd E. Perry