Acoustic Guitar/Piano Instrumental Music

by Lloyd E. Perry

Just a few instrumentals for a leisurely short walk with Lucy, memories and a little of your imagination.   I'm sure you've met before, she's fond of instrumental music just like you.  She's particularly fond of acoustic guitar & piano music, just like me.  In fact, I think she's the one that gave us these inclinations back when we were very young, when we didn't have to question or explain every detail of the cosmos.  You've probably have just forgotten.

That's why nowadays I call her "Poor Blue Lucy".  Everybody it seems has forgotten her.  Now she's called that soft whisper or intuition or that funny feeling.  No, when it comes to instrumental music & love, it's Lucy that's influencing you to pause for a moment and listen so she can get your heart filled back up.  Surely you didn't think my instrumentals by themselves was capable of that.  Or anybody else's for that matter.

You see it's always been sort of built into instrumental music by the writers and composers through the years who have learned to listened to her to begin with.  She's sort of everybody's co-writer at first, but some writers in defiance cut her parts out during the final mix.  That's why a lot of instrumentals can't make you feel much better, no matter how many pianos and acoustic guitars they have in them.  Well, that's just how it is.  It's a free will thing.

How do I know her real name is Lucy?  Without speaking of course, she told me.  She said it was a name that any small child could easily repeat and remember in any language.  I met her one day when I was a small boy lost in a big field.  She was the lady in the blue cornflower that made sure I was found.  It's a flower that use to grow wild all over the world, but now I hear it's becoming more and more rare.  A sad coincidence, so are new instrumentals that makes me stop and smile for Lucy.