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Have you ever caught yourself scanning a crowd of people and picking out the smiles?  Total strangers become potential allies and relieve you of your alienation, all in the blink of an eye.  That doesn’t sound reliable or very logical, but you’ve been unconsciously doing just that ever since you were born.  Moreover, you’ve learned you can use all  5 senses you possess without effort, judging creature and kin alike. You look for a smile, you listen for a soft tone, you feel for smooth textures, you taste for sweet flavors and you smell for familiar aromas.  Mixed and matched or one at a time, when they send back a positive report to your brain the physical and emotional response is constant.

First, there is the emotion of elation.  That feeling of “a-h-h-h” that puts fight or flight back in the attic and relaxes your pulse, heart rate and blood pressure which you weren’t aware had ever escalated.  Second, is the physical response a nano second later, which you are probably even  less aware of, your smile.  It may be subtle and it may only last a few seconds, but it will be there.

And that’s what this site and my acoustic instrumentals are all about.  Sustaining your elation and smile.  When you can do this, and do this consistently, you’ll be rewarded with the most blessed gift of all.  The gift a 6th sense, intuition.

The Sympathetic Language of Love.

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